How to Quiet a Loud Garage Door

Loud garage doors can be annoying and an inconvenience to those who live around you, especially if you’re somebody who leaves the house very early in the morning or comes back home very late at night. While it’s probably not something many people put much thought into, working to quiet down your garage door is an easy and quick project to take up on the weekend, and something your neighbors or other family members will probably appreciate.

Tips for Transforming a Garage Door into a Faux Carriage Door

If your garage door looks boring and drab, you may be able to improve its appearance without having to replace it. Doing this will take a little bit of work, creativity, and hardware, but it’s something almost anyone can do. You can actually transform a plain white garage door into a door that resembles a carriage garage door. Carriage garage doors are beautiful, unique, and trendy, and you can complete this project by following these steps.

Garage Not Looking Quite Right? Maybe You're Seeing A Door Opener Breakdown

Have you ever gone into your garage and felt like things were not quite right? No, you’re not in a horror movie, but you might be seeing a problem with your garage door finally manifesting itself. Here are a few common garage door problems and what they might look like when you first come into the room. The Opener Is Running But Not Lit Up  Garage door openers often have a light bulb inside them, and it can go out much like any other light fixture in your home.

3 Signs That Your Garage Door Needs Replacing

Residential garage doors are complex devices that can fail in a variety of ways, many of which can be addressed by a simple repair job. But there are times when repairs simply can’t provide the best long-term solution for your needs. Here are three instances in which you’re better off replacing your garage doors entirely. 1. Body Panel Damage You might assume that those dents or bulges in your garage door panels are nothing more than an eyesore, but you should never underestimate this kind of “

Inspecting And Maintaining Your Garage Door Before The Hot Summer Months

After a long winter and a rainy spring, your garage door is going to need some maintenance and preparation for the upcoming hot summer months. The cold and moisture your garage is subjected to can result in problems with your garage door, and you will want to rectify any issues that occurred during winter. After winter and spring, you should also take some steps to prepare your garage door to deal with the heat that comes in summer time.

2 Steps And Three Benefits To Insulate Your Garage

Eighty-two percent of homes have a two car garage or larger in the United States. But, the temperature outside can cause your home’s garage to be too uncomfortable to use it for anything other than parking your vehicle and storing boxes. By insulating your garage door, you can make the temperature inside your garage more comfortable so you can make more use of the space. Here are two steps to insulate your garage and three benefits the insulation will give you.

What To Know About Hollow Steel Garage Doors

If you’re considering replacing your garage door, don’t hesitate to consider hollow steel garage doors. While they may not be as beautiful as wood garage doors, they offer great benefits and a decent appearance at a fraction of the cost. Check out these five must-know facts about hollow steel garage doors to guide you as you consider your options. Hollow Steel Doors Can Be Insulated When you think about steel, you probably don’t think about temperature control.

A Quick Guide To Garage Door Removal

Whether you’re actually replacing your garage door or making way for more living space, one of the first tasks you’ll face involves removing your old garage door. Fortunately, the job isn’t as difficult as you’d expect, but it does require a little patience, a bit of expertise and plenty of safety precautions. The following shows how you can safely and successfully remove your garage door. Disconnecting The Garage Door Opener

2 Great Ways To Spruce Up Your Existing Garage Door

After fixing up your flowerbeds and repainting your front door, it might be frustrating to stare at the bland, beige panels of your garage door. Unfortunately, because replacement garage doors typically cost around $1,000, not everyone can afford to be picky. However, you don’t have to let high replacement costs hamper your home’s curb appeal. Here are two great ways to spruce up your existing garage door so that your place can look gorgeous: 

Turn Your Garage Into A Home Office That Wows Your Visiting Clients

Working from home offers the opportunity to create your own business hours and incorporate plenty of family time into your life. But if your household is as busy as most, finding a space to host client meetings where dishes are not piled up and toys aren’t strewn across the floor is probably a challenge. There is an easy fix – here’s how to turn your garage into a home office that wows your visiting clients: