2 Great Ways To Spruce Up Your Existing Garage Door

After fixing up your flowerbeds and repainting your front door, it might be frustrating to stare at the bland, beige panels of your garage door. Unfortunately, because replacement garage doors typically cost around $1,000, not everyone can afford to be picky. However, you don't have to let high replacement costs hamper your home's curb appeal. Here are two great ways to spruce up your existing garage door so that your place can look gorgeous: 

1: New Hardware

Wouldn't it be nice if you could add a little old-world charm to the metal panels of your garage? Fortunately, you can pick up hardware for your garage door that you can install on your own with a few screws. Here are a few hardware options you should consider:

  • Strap Hinges: In the olden days, heavy wooden doors and barrels had to be forged together with long, ornate metal straps. However, you don't have to invest in custom-made wooden doors to achieve the same look. You can purchase strap hinges for your garage door that you can install between some of the panels. These hinges are made to mimic the look of high-end hand forged metal, complete with a hammered texture.
  • Handles: Since automatic garage door openers haven't been around forever, it might look strange for your garage door to be missing handles—especially if your home's exterior looks like an older Tuscan Villa. Fortunately, garage door handles come in a huge range of different shapes, sizes, and colors. By placing a few on your garage door, you can make it easier to open and shut your door manually, while adding a little visual interest. 
  • Door Rings: If you want your home to look really special, consider installing garage door rings instead of handles. By placing sets of door rings on either side of your garage door, you can mimic the look of double-sided carriage doors. Door rings can also double as doorknockers, so you can tell if someone needs to come in through the garage.

As you shop for hardware for your garage door, think about the exterior design elements present on the rest of your house. Consider matching metal types or finishing details to create a streamlined look. For example, if you have an oil-rubbed bronze doorknocker on your front door, look for the same color of door rings for your garage door.

2: Simulated Windows

If your home is filled with beautiful, architectural windows, that giant blank garage door might look a little run-of-the-mill next to the rest of your house. Unfortunately, real garage door windows can be difficult to install. You might need to hire a contractor to cut away metal and install level, well-sealed windows. However, there is an easier way to have the look of windows without all of the work.

Believe it or not, you can purchase simulated garage door window kits that look just like the real thing. These "windows" contain faux panels and intricate trim, complete with darkly tinted plexiglass. Instead of cutting away metal, all you need to do is screw the panels in place over your existing garage door. Because no actual holes have been cut into your door, simulated windows preserve your privacy while improving the look of your home.

Simulated windows are also incredibly affordable. In fact, a single kit containing two faux windows costs around $150. That means that if you wanted to deck out a double car garage, you would be looking at about a $300 investment. These kits only take about an hour to install, which means that your old garage could look as good as new in a single Saturday afternoon.   

By adding a few details to your garage door, you can make your home look like an upscale estate, without breaking the bank. Click for more info on how to make your garage door stand out.