Turn Your Garage Into A Home Office That Wows Your Visiting Clients

Working from home offers the opportunity to create your own business hours and incorporate plenty of family time into your life. But if your household is as busy as most, finding a space to host client meetings where dishes are not piled up and toys aren't strewn across the floor is probably a challenge. There is an easy fix – here's how to turn your garage into a home office that wows your visiting clients:

Find A New Home For Things

In order to turn your garage into a home office you'll need to move everything out of the space first. Don't leave boxes of stuff on shelves in the corner, or save room to park a car in half of the space. Instead, find alternatives for storage and parking so your office space stays clean, professional, and easy to focus in. Here are some options to consider:

  • Set up car canopies in the driveway to protect your parked vehicles.
  • Set up a small storage shed next to the garage for tools, landscaping supplies, and holiday accessories.
  • Put floor shelves in the closets of your home to store boxed mementos and seasonal clothing.

You can also hang large hooks on the side of the house against the exterior of the garage to store bicycles, kayaks, and other large outdoor equipment.

Replace Your Garage Door

One of the best things about using the garage as your home office is that your clients don't have to walk through the personal spaces of your home to attend a meeting. But, going through a traditional garage door can be loud and inconvenient on especially rainy or windy days. This situation can be remedied by simply installing a new garage door that has a traditional walk-through door built into it.

This allows you to keep the main garage door closed while coming and going, and also gives you a space to hang a banner or business sign in front without having to take it down every time you want to gain access into the space from the driveway. For more information about garage door designs and options, contact a company like The Garage Doctor.

Do A Little Insulating

In order to protect your important paperwork from mold and mildew, your new home office needs to be adequately insulated. Insulation also helps to keep the space comfortable while you work. There isn't a need to have your walls opened to add insulation. You can effectively protect your paperwork with these do-it-yourself insulation tips:

  • Use caulking around the frame of your new garage door and its built-in walk-through door, the door that leads to the interior of your home, and around the windows panes in the space.
  • Put throw rugs on the floor to trap cold air underneath them so it doesn't mix with the warm air in the space.
  • Install long curtains in front of the windows to let natural light and heat into the room while helping to insulate the space from excessive moisture and cold air.

Installing a ceiling fan in your new home office will help control the temperature and moisture in the space. During summer months, program your fan to run counterclockwise for optimal air movement, and during the winter run it clockwise to mix cool and warm air in the room for effective temperature management.

Perk The Walls Up With Color

Before moving your office furniture into your new home office and installing shelves on the wall for organization, consider perking the walls up with some vibrant paint. Choosing the right colors can make a positive impact on your creativity and commitment in the workplace. Try your hand at one or more of these options:

  • Create a calm space that lowers the heart rate and keeps blood pressure levels low with the help of hues of blue.
  • Bring nature indoors and relieve some stress with shades of green.
  • Implement a little sophistication with purple highlights.
  • Invoke enthusiasm and energy into your workspace with accents of orange.

You don't have to paint your new home office entirely with bright colors in order to make an impact. Creating an accent wall or painting trim along the walls should be enough to gain the psychological benefits that color has to offer.

With the help of these tips and tricks you're sure to end up with an impressive home office that is easy to host meetings and work in.