2 Possible Reasons Why Your Garage Door Makes A Popping Noise Every Time You Open And Close It

Normally, when your garage door is in motion, you should not hear much noise except the hum of the door opener or the sound of the rollers traveling along the tracks. However, lately, whenever you open and close it, you may hear one or more popping noises while the door is in motion.

Since these popping noises are not normal, they are usually an indicator of a problem that could become worse if not fixed by a professional. Below are a couple of the possible reasons why your garage door is making popping noises every time you open and close it.

1. Tracks Are Either Loose or Bent, Making the Rollers Pop out of Them Momentarily 

One possible cause of the popping noises your garage door keeps making whenever it is in motion has to do with the tracks and rollers. If the tracks are either loose or bent, the rollers will be unable to travel through them without difficulty.

As the rollers reach a bent or misaligned area of the tracks, they may pop out momentarily before settling back in, creating a loud popping noise as they do. If the tracks are not repaired by a professional, the rollers could come out and stay out, or the tracks could become detached completely.

2. Torsion Spring Holding the Door up Is Stretched, Causing One Side to Sag and Bow When It Moves

Another possible reason why the garage door is making popping sounds is that one side of the door is sagging, causing it to bow and rub against the garage frame and the other side of the door as it moves.

The primary reason for this sagging and bowing is a stretched torsion spring. Normally responsible for holding the door and keeping both sides even, if one of them becomes stretched, that side of the door will sag. If this issue is not resolved by a professional, the affected spring could break.

Whether the popping noises coming from your garage door are caused by loose or bent tracks or stretched torsion springs, the issue needs to be fixed before it gets worse. The rollers could pop out completely or make the tracks come off, and the torsion springs could break, leaving you without being able to use the garage door at all. Before the problem causing the popping gets worse, contact a business in your area that offers garage door repair services for more info.