When Your Garage Door Malfunctions: When To Call For Help From Residential Garage Door Repair Service

There are many times when your garage door opens and closes perfectly, only to refuse to close all the way the next time you use it. Small problems can occur that are an easy fix. Photo sensors that aren't properly lined up can cause your door to stop closing all the way, or a pebble in your track can make it difficult to open and close your door. A loss of power makes it impossible to open or close your garage door, so make sure the circuit hasn't tripped before calling for help. Once you decide you can't figure out what is going on, it's time to call residential garage door repair services to figure it out.

When the Garage Door Doesn't Stay Open

If you notice that your garage door shuts slightly in the open position, this is usually a problem with your tension springs. The springs help hold the weight of the door, and when they are loose the door will shut slightly. If the door shuts more than a few inches, you can be at risk for the door suddenly slamming shut. A tension spring can break, causing the door to fall to the ground. Don't adjust your own tension springs, and allow a professional to do it for you. 

A Straining Opener and Your Garage Door

The garage door is heavy, and you may notice that your opener is struggling to open the door. If your door is moving slower than normal, this can be an issue with your tension springs, the opener, or a combination of both. Garage door openers last about 10-15 years, and it may be time for a new one when you notice the opener straining. Get your system inspected when you notice your door going slow, as this can lead to bigger problems quickly if you don't get it fixed.

Checking Your Tracks

The tracks on your garage door have to be perfectly even for your door to work effectively. If a track gets bumped and bent slightly, this can make it hard to open and close the door. If a bracket gets loose, you might see that your door opens half way and then starts to close again. Look for loose brackets and secure them whenever possible.

Residential garage door repair services should be called when your door is malfunctioning and you can't figure out why. Never touch your tension springs, and pay attention to small issues before you get stuck with a door that stops working.