Update Your Garage Door Before Listing Your Home For Sale

If your garage is located on the front of your home, chances are it is a major part of your home's curb appeal. This becomes especially important if you choose to sell your house. A door in poor repair or that simply appears outdated could scare away buyers or lower the perceived value of your home. The following are some garage door repairs you should consider before you put your home on the market.

Perform some general maintenance

A squealing door or one that doesn't seem to open properly can set off alarm bells in the mind of a potential buyer. Fortunately, most operation errors are inexpensive and quick to fix if the actual automatic opener motor is still operational. A basic tune-up is all that is usually required. This entails cleaning and lubricating the garage door tracks and wheels, checking the springs and replacing them if worn, making sure the door is balanced, and lubricating any moving parts in the opener. In some cases, the opener may also require adjustment, as may the orientation of the tracks and the safety sensors. If your door hasn't been serviced within the past year, invest in a tune-up before listing your home for sale.

Replace broken windows or panels

Any visible damage is going to put off potential buyers. Windows are one of the most common elements of a door to become damaged. This could be from breakage, or simple aging that has clouded, scratched, or discolored the glass. You have two options when it comes to windows -- replace them with undamaged glass or plexiglass, or remove the window panel and have a replacement solid panel installed. If a panel is damaged, you may be able to fix it if it is simply dented and not creased. Push out the dent from the back for metal or vinyl doors. For wood, you may be able to sand down the damage and refinish. If the damage can't be repaired, you must replace either the panel or the door.

Update the finish

Your door can be in good shape and still turn away buyers if it is badly dated. Fortunately, metal and wood garage doors can be successfully painted or finished in a more modern, up-to-date shade. Vinyl doors can also be painted, but it's best to hire a professional that is experienced in painting this material. You can also update the door by removing dated trim or accent pieces. Handles, visible hinges, and other parts of the door can also be switched out inexpensively for more modern options.

Talk to a garage door repair service for more help in getting your garage door ready before you sell your home.