Why You Should Tell Your Landlord If Your Rental's Garage Door Is Broken

If you are a renter, you might sometimes have a hard time knowing when you should call your landlord about repairs and when you shouldn't. One problem that you should definitely tell your landlord about is a broken garage door. These are a few reasons why.

Your Lease Might Require You To

For one thing, you may want to check your rental lease agreement. You might be required to notify your landlord about repair issues like this within a certain timeframe, and you certainly don't want to violate your lease by failing to let your landlord know about a garage door problem.

You Deserve to Enjoy the Use of the Garage Door

When you rented your unit, one of the things that you might have liked about it might have been the fact that it had a garage. If you are still paying full rent for the property, then you deserve to have use of the garage door and garage. This isn't possible if the garage door isn't in proper repair.

You Don't Want to Be Charged for Garage Door Damage

When you move out of your rental, your landlord might check the property for any damage and might deduct damages from your security deposit or ask for additional money to cover repairs. The last thing that you probably want to be held responsible for is damage to the garage door when it's not your fault. Letting your landlord know about this problem now can help you prevent this from happening later.

A Broken Garage Door Can Be Dangerous

Lastly, you should consider the fact that a garage door that is broken can be dangerous. If you're still using it anyway, then it could come crashing down on top of your car or on top of a person. Even if you aren't using it, someone could inadvertently press the garage door button, and the garage door could cause someone to be injured. The best way to prevent someone from being injured by a faulty garage door at your rental home is if it's inspected and repaired by a professional. 

As you can see, there are a few reasons why it's a good idea to let your landlord know if there is a problem with the garage door at the home that you rent. Then, they can hire a broken garage door repair professional to come out and address the problem so that you can avoid all of these issues.