Trouble With Your Automatic Garage Door: Avoid Further Problems By Calling For A Repair

When your automatic garage door is not working properly, it's time to get your garage door examined by a professional. If your garage door sticks when it tries to open, if your door won't stay open all the way, or you find that your door will only open halfway before closing again, it's time to call for a repair. While you may eventually be able to get your automatic garage door open by playing around with the remote, eventually your door won't open at all. Before your garage door closes without warning or leaves you stuck outside in a downpour, have a technician come and repair the problem.

When Your Garage Door Keeps Opening and Closing

If you need to play with your remote, opening and closing your garage door part way to get it to finally open, there's probably a problem with your garage door track. It's possible that the problem is small, such as a piece of debris stuck in the track. You can start by looking at both sides of the track to see if there's a small obstruction. Look at the brackets holding the track in place to see if any are missing or loose. In addition, check the wheels on your garage door to see if all wheels are intact. Even the smallest twist or lack of symmetry in the track can make the door difficult to open.

If Your Door Won't Stay Open All the Way

When you open your garage door all the way and it won't stay open, there's probably an issue with the tension spring. If the spring is loose, the door won't stay open all the way. If the spring suddenly snaps, your garage door can slam closed unexpectedly. While a door that shuts a few inches doesn't seem like a big deal, ignoring the problem can lead to the garage door slamming down on you or your vehicle without warning.

If your garage door won't engage when you press the remote, your first step is to make sure there that the power supply to the garage door hasn't been interrupted. In addition, you'll want to check that your remote is working and that the sensor on the garage door opener hasn't come loose. Once you identify that the power is on and the door won't budge, you'll need to call for help to have your garage door fixed and avoid further issues.